Jens Naehler – Part 2 – from smoking and drinking to accomplished vegan ultra runner

In the second part of my conversation with Jens he talks about his passion and love for dogs and what lead him and his wife to creating a platform for dogs in need for a new home.  He´s certainly somebody who doesn´t settle for less than achieving what he´s set out to do. Always finding himself do things for the greater good. 

Trying or hoping things will work out or starting in small steps to bring on change is not Jens´ thing. He goes all in on his way of life and reflects on his past Self, his old habits and what he´s learned along his way as an endurance runner. 

He explains his ethical reasons for turning vegan and shares his daily routine including how easy it can be to nourish yourself well without having to spend a fortune in organic food stores. To my surprise, he barely eats anything during a marathon. He´s just competed in one below ground as part of his training and shares talks about what drives him to seek out different and new adventures each year. 
Enjoy this episode! 

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