Charlie Engle – The Running Man on conquering addiction and his pursuit of self-improvement through extreme running challenges

Charlie´s Engle´s story goes beyond the remarkable accomplishments of his running career such as the Raid Gauloises, Running the Sahara covering 4500 miles in 111 days, his famous run across America, multiple top finishes at the 135-mile long Badwater ultra marathon and running the 4 deserts race.
It´s the story of a man with a heart of gold. Somebody who truly lives by his values and continuously strives to be a better father, husband and son. More than once, he´s looked death in the face and turned things around for the better, until in 2012, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for a wrong reason. 
The thing that really made me think was, how he looks back on his life and says, he´d wish nothing away and would do it all again. Suffering has certainly been part of Charlie´s life´s plan. 
But since he came out of prison, he hasn´t stood still. His pursuit for the next extreme challenge is in the making. Charlie is a sought-after keynote speaker and spoke at google Zeitgeist amongst many others. 
He claims it´s never the circumstances that make or break you. It´s how you respond to a situation. The power is in the knowing that you always have a choice!

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