Anna Hughes – The sad truth about balance and how to improve your life

Balance, a rather overused buzz word. 

Aiming to help us with more ease and – balance. 
But what is balance?
Pretty much all year, I´ve been in conflict with trying to keep and lead a balanced life. 
Attempting to spend equal amounts of time on training, my business, family life and my relationship. 
An impossible task to fulfil leading to burn-out, resentment and frustration. 
Motivation for training sucked. 
I became very impatient and couldn´t quite understand why. 
I also didn´t want to give up my idea of needing to live a balanced life. 
I picked up this idea years ago as a young mum of two children wanting to provide them a stable, solid life. Smooth sailing. 
But strangely enough, the inner hunger and drive for something outside this concept drew me in part to ultra running and seriously undergoing some out-of-zone experiences. Deeply fulfilling me, giving me a sense of purpose. 
The more I was fighting to keep my balance, the worse things got. 
So I had to find a solution and totally re-think my definition of balance. 
What came of it is the realization that balance screws me up and I believe, it has similar or the same effects on many people, specially athletes working so hard to keep the balance. 
The truth is: It doesn´t work in the long run to keep everything under control. 
Seeking balance causes the opposite. 
The inner drive, the longing for something outside these contraints grows. 
That´s when people say: I´m going to tackle a long distance race, to state one of the many ways. 
And what you walk away with is a bag full of exciting, often raw experiences where you learn about yourself and how you roll. 
Because it´s what matters. How you roll defines your actions. Break free from your very own concept and idea about balance. And use the tips I share with you to help you re-define your outlook on how you live, work, run and play. 
To your success! 

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