Walt Hampton and Ann Sheybani – On time mastery, how to build confidence and a client-attracting business to enjoy freedom and a fun-filled life





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This is a different kind of conversation. A talk about
entrepreneurship, tackling difficult and challenging times in business, overcoming
obstacles, building confidence, enduring in extreme rock and ice climbing and a
quiet life in Ireland.

I invited a real power couple onto the show, Walt Hampton
and Ann Sheybani. Both are highly successful entrepreneurs, endurance athletes
and thought leaders.

I first „met“ Ann back in 2011. My first website on ultra
marathon training had been up and running for about  year and she had sent me a really nice email
in regards to an ebook I had written.

As I found out, she´s all about endurance, too. Not just in
sports but in life.

In her early 30´s Ann broke free from a challenging and
troublesome marriage in Iran where she had lived and raised her two daughters. After
she began running her life fundamentally changed from the ground up along with
her passion for writing.

Ann now runs her on- and offline business as a Book Yourself
Solid sales and Marketing Certified Coach. She´s a harvard-trained writer,
amazon best-selling author, writing workshop director and book bootcamp master

Walt helps entrepreneurs and
professionals create the work and the lives they love
. Lives
filled with with purpose, passion and possibility. Lives filled with prosperity
and peace; joy-filled lives so that they can re-claim for themselves freedom,
fun and fulfillment.

Four years ago, Ann and Walt deciced to turn their backs on their busy lives in the US and now reside on the coast in Ireland where they
enjoy a quiet life in between working, running, climbing the world´s highest
summits and traveling back for their other businesses in the States.

Walt, acclaimed keynote speaker and writer, educated as
trial attorney and founder of Summit Of Success and Book Yourself Solid –
coach, author of „Journeys On The Edge“ – living a life that matter is also trained
as a Tony Robbins Results Coach and teaches Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid™.

Busy and stressed you think?

It´s all about time mastery. Walt and Ann share their
powerful routine that helps you stay in your lane and focused. Plus, this is a
conversation about confidence, the slow and steady progress as entrepreneurs
and what the main mistakes are that people make as they embark on their
entrepreneurial journeys.

Having built four businesses from scratch, Walt claims: Focus
will be the new currency of the economy.

If you want to live 11 years(!) longer, things must change.
We need to shift from losing ourselves on social media and constantly checking
emails to committing ourselves to our life goals and aligning those to the true
purpose of our being and existence.

Enjoy the conversation. 

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