Anna Hughes – On balancing training and how to sustain excellent health

Time to shake things up a bit in the best sense. After carefully observing the endurance running scene, talking to athletes and in my work as a coach it´s more than obvious that many people struggle to juggle their running training, recovery, relationships, health and careers. It is a huge undertaking if you´re an ambitious runner that wants to take performance to the next level. 

Having been caught in the spiral of going through the motions myself in the past, I´m sharing the lessons I´ve learned and how essential it is for our health to create balance in life. The flood of information, wins and successes seemingly cursing the net 24/7, doesn´t help to stop and relax for a moment. 

Often, there is pressure building up to do more, to train harder, to do better. And that´s human nature. But if the price is so high that you´re paying with your health, suffering from chronic niggles, pain or even injuries, the time is now to stop and learn to reconnect with the roots. That´s where I take you today as I talk about my learnings and share some personal stories of how I´ve managed (not mastered) to listen to my body more, recover faster and keeping the bigger picture in mind. 

After all, nobody really cares. Who you are as a person on a day-to-day basis, and who you evolve into when running serves you, not crushes you, is so much more important than a podium finish. So how you do get to the point of not only building excellent health but sustaining it? 

Enjoy this episode and share with me what you took away. And: How do you manage it all? What´s your most pressing issue and the solutions you´ve come up with to have more balance?

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