Anna Hughes – 3 Tips to help you stay on your track

A different no-guest podcast today. I´m developing my own style step by step. Sometimes I think of a great guest to have on the show and then I go back to following through an idea I have about a topic and the value it hopefully provides for you. 

In this episode, I focus on…focus. And what it means to create it and what you can do to stay in your track. Because honestly, I struggle with it often. I can be super focused and not let anything distract myself. But then, one thought that makes me think that other thing is now more important than what I´m working on in that moment, takes over. 

Since I´m working from home, this is a serious daily challenge and I know many people go through similar scenarios even when working in an office. So much can distract us these days. But if we can find the strength and gain more control over our habits again, question them and change them for the better, our lives do improve. 

The three tips focus on practical steps you can take to feel a little happier and more contented about yourself and your life. Running is something that you can schedule, for example when usually during stressful moments, it would fall by the wayside because something else takes priority. 

Let me help you brighten your path, start the day feeling energized and keeping the momentum throughout. Begin gently and if you want, start implementing one practical tip until you see the result and feel confident about the next steps. 

I go deeper into my own routine and what I do when those moments of distraction come. Because they do and there is little or no way around it these days. 

You will surprised about this one life-hack that helps you become detached from the need to be present 24/7. 

And tomorrow, the world still goes around with you feeling a little happier. Watch your world change.

I wish you all the best and please let me know in the comments how you deal with social media overwhelm and our re-action to things and people? What tricks do you apply to stay focused and in your lane?

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